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Pass Plus Course


Statistics show that new drivers are around 10 times more likely to be involved in an accident 20% of new drivers will be involved in an accident during their first year supporting the reason for insurance premiums being so high

Pass Plus is a scheme designed by the Driving Standards Agency.

The scheme helps new drivers gain valuable experience to help develop existing skills, learn new skills and techniques, improve anticipation and awareness and learn how to reduce the risk of accidents and maintain a courteous and considerate attitude on the road.

Pass Plus is a series of six modules of at least one hour each and will cover

  • introduction and town driving
  • all-weather driving
  • out of town driving and rural roads
  • night driving
  • dual carriageways
  • motorway driving


While you will have covered some these topics during your driving lessons the Pass Plus course emphasises a positive approach to driving. The focus is on attitude and skills and gives a different perspective on these topics and will enhance your abilities.

With Pass Plus you could reduce your car insurance premiums or get an extra no claims bonus with some insurance companies.