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Driver Development


The Course

An on road advanced driving assessment focusing on identifying your individual level of risk and identifies areas where training will provide solutions to better manage those risks.

The course is available for all category B vehicles and for all levels of driving experience, competence and confidence.

In order to accurately assess your risk the on road training will encompass a varied route of urban, rural, dual carriageways, motorways and low speed manoeuvring.

The training can be carried out in your own vehicle or the instructor’s vehicle.

If using your own vehicle all relevant documentation must be seen relating to Insurance and MOT where applicable. The vehicle must be legal and roadworthy.


Appreciating a basic legal framework that affects UK car drivers
Consideration of concentration versus driving ability. Do you consider driving as an individual task ?
Reduced stress levels and the associated risks
Defensive driving skills
Positive changes in driver attitude. Can you get into a car a decide how to drive?
Speed and space management
Expecting the unexpected
Improved fuel-efficiency and understanding the benefits of green driving
Reduced wear and tear on your vehicle
Improved residual value of your vehicle