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Driving Lessons        

Driving lessons and the driving test have changed to help new drivers cope with more potentially hazardous driving conditions. In the last 10 years roads, signs, speed limits and the volume of traffic on UK roads have all changed dramatically.

As your instructor I will estimate how long you are likely to need after your first lesson. The current average is 45 hours of tuition (Driving Standards Agency) together with at least 22 hours of private practice.

It is important to understand that the above is merely an average and many may learn well within this guide line while others may take longer.

With over fifteen years experience in the driver training industry I will ensure that your requirements are met professionally and reliably. Understandably most people embarking on learning to drive will want to pass their test quickly and with the least expense possible. This mind set is fully appreciated and important but is passing the driving test a stepping stone?  Is it more important to have the skills, knowledge and correct attitude that will help you develop as a driver to keep you safe and risk free?

Life Time Investment   

A learner driver who has the recommended average hours of professional instruction will spend approximately £1000.00 on lessons plus the additional costs of test fees and study aids. Seem expensive? If you pass your test at 17 and continue to drive until you are 70 you will have been a driver for 53 years. Your £1000.00 investment over that time will cost you approximately 36pence per week


Areas Covered

Worcester Droitwich Malvern Evesham Pershore and surrounding areas.

Choosing a Driving Instructor

Recommendation is often the best way.

It is important to feel comfortable and at ease with your instructor and the tuition vehicle.

Make sure your instructor has a green badge in the windscreen to prove they are a fully qualified Driving Standards Agency Instructor. A pink licence indicates the instructor is a trainee and has no formal qualifications to teach you to drive.

Do not assume the cheapest lessons are the best. Concentrate on getting value for your money. Discounts should be available for block bookings. Ask about any offers that may be available for both pre-test and post-test tuition.

Check that the car you will drive has dual controls and is in good condition.

Check that the instructor can help with your theory test.

Make sure your instructor keeps a record of your progress and follows the official Driving Standards Agency syllabus.


 A Successful Learning Experience

1.     Apply for your theory test as soon as you start your lessons.

2.     Take at least an hour a week preferably two regular lessons will ensure continuity.

3.     Private practice where possible

4.     Mutual agreement when to apply for your practical test

5.     If you live any distance away from the training area for the subject you are covering 1 hour lessons are often too short and although beneficial some of your time will be spent driving to and from the training area. It may be worth considering a 90 minute or two hour lesson. Not everybody may be suited to a two hour lesson if levels of concentration drop new learning is limited.